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Yahoo! buildingHi, my name is Valentin! I am 19 years old and I am a volunteer intern at The Sankofa Center from April until the end of June. I am in my second year of communication’s studies in France and this experience will validate my program.

This incredible experience is a very good way to develop communication skills, practice English and improve it, meet many new people and local professionnals, help people in Ghana and discover California.

We really can rely on American hospitality in our daily life and other activities! For example, people are first to speak to us on the public buses and always make an attempt to get to know us. We even were assisted with a car ride while getting around. It’s really good to discuss with local people to better understand the local culture, learn about their life course and places around to visit! Buses and trains are very practical to move in Silicon Valley.

Sunnyvale is a city with all services necessary for daily life near of our accommodation. If you are afraid to eat junk food every day, don’t worry, there is plenty to eat balanced meal and healthy!


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