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The Sankofa Center offers several different focuses for our internship programs, reflecting the needs and opportunities of the communities we serve: Volunteer/Internships in Ghana, Africa

  • HIV/AIDS Dance-Drama
  • Medical Internship Program
  • Social Work/Public Health Program
  • Business/PR & Marketing Internship Program
  • Photography & Multimedia Program
  • Fashion/Fair Trade Merchandising Internship (with Women’s Artisanal Co-op in Ghana)

Volunteer/Internships in Sunnyvale, California

  • Business Operations Interns
  • Marketing/PR/Event Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography & Multimedia
  • Fashion Merchandising/Fair Trade Product Promotion
  • Fundraising
  • Research
Clémence Mouelle

ESGCI-Paris Bachelor of Communication and Public Relations, winter 2014 French Public Relations Intern In California

“Doing this internship in California was an amazing professional and personal experience; I had the chance to improve my skills in communication and public relations, but also to develop other skills like management and HR thanks to Ronnie who made me take advantage of his experience. He is very professional and helpful. Also, I learned a different way to work with others, to combine ideas to make the team go ahead. I learned a lot, everyone of us was bringing something, it was really rewarding. I am very proud of all the work we did and that we will continue to do. I know it is a great asset in my resume. Now, I look forward going to Ghana to be part of the outreach team doing the campaigns and complete my experience in the organization.”

We also provide a Certificate of Completion to all successful volunteers. A majority of our volunteers are interested in advancing their professional and academic careers through entry into various graduate, medical, and professional schools. In today’s competitive society one’s future success often depends on the level of participation one has in terms of relating relevant principles and theories to practice in the real world.   The Certificate of Completion we grant has proven to be an essential tool for interns enhancing their academic and professional profiles and competitiveness. The certificate duly satisfies proof of internship requirements mandated by colleges and universities.

“Sankofites” are emeritus volunteers/interns who have dedicated their time & energy to The Sankofa Center’s in California. Pledge your support here by donating to continue our efforts: All “Sankofites” who donate $75 or more yearly will receive a ticket to our Annual Friends of The Sankofa Center Bay Area HIV/AIDS artists collaborative Gala! Madase Pa!!

Volunteers/Interns in U.S.-(List of all U.S. & Virtual Volunteers in U.S.)
Susan Lancaster Biba Shrestha
Noriko Loveridge Laura K. Anderson
Kristine Andarmani Clemence Mouelle
Gwen Wages John Wages
Tina Sato Howard Schulman
Nicholas Nguyenquang Ashley Lam
Christine Kline Prafulla Kota
Sadie Crofts Lawrence Luo
Parul Sharma Mona Emadi
Saital Desai Rabab Hamdan
Mary Ann Loucks Ashley Martins
Gauri Deshpande Komal Soni
Shruti Bihani Sonia Belghith
Adam Garnit Cedric Molinier
Jacklyn Nonga Biyik Laure- Anne Vivet
Christina Nguyen Tingshen Yan (Sunny)
Jimmy Young Andrius Sevcovas
Liela Rombaoa Genevieve Dubreuil
Chanette Mogensen Daniel Huynh
Kaitlyn Simko Louise Biham
Arpana Rai Biliana Kirilova

Sankofites” are emeritus volunteers/interns who have dedicated their time & energy to The Sankofa Center’s in Ghana. Pledge your support here by donating to continue our efforts: All “Sankofites” who donate $75 or more yearly will receive a free Sankofa T-Shirt specifically for “Sankofites” commemorating your involvement in the legacy of HIV education, prevention, and treatment in Ghana! Madase Pa!!

Volunteers/Interns in Ghana- (List of all Volunteers/Interns In Ghana)
Norma Tallulah Shea Neda Behrouzi
Chad D. Holden Chris Berstler
Fontella Boone Allison Wall
Sara Lee Heather Steward
Meredith Liu Masri Meghan Lucas
Erin Simpson Laura Kelmelis
Lela Jones Kendra Staton
Rebecca Frank Ian Rogers
Sarah Winter Valerie Moore Medina
Tabitha Lanning (Gaffney) Danielle Slabaugh
Katie Barron Kere Blair
Kelley Voegelin Corinne Coluccio Acampora
Tini ( Uyen-Minh Dinh ) Favila Rochelle Boykin Bey
Jackie Moscovici Jennifer Mitsch Williams
Jessica Wigg Diandra Jones
Brittany Walsh Shea Kerkhoff Vessa
Kayla Jones Beth Martey
Julie Hunt Mosley Charlotte Yvonne Reid
Sabrina Samsudeen Daniel Warshawsky
Kim Newstadt Mehdi Saheb
Laura Riker Marcy Zweikraft
Yotam Be’ery Juan-Carlos Perez
Annie Power Dr. James Larrick
Jun Larrick Jasmine Larrick
Ceridwen Short Kalei Talwar
Quitaya Lee Jason Hu
Michelle Gunn Nesanet (Nya) Alemayhu
Jaeda Jontelle Raines Adrian Blount
Fionn Quinlan Jennifer Tuck
Lucy Annison Iwan Jones
Yomaira Nazario Katie Brobst
Meghan Coonan Lauren Jones
Dillon Zavala Francis Rentas
Ashli Fox Francis Moore-Colyer
Melissa Love Ruth Reveal
Shannon Yarbrough Kimberly Prosa
Megan Hughes Pamela Zuchowski
Emerson Williams Jessica Thomson
Emanuela Hall Lauren Christianson
Patricia Yeboah Archana Lingendran
Tehsin Jaffer Kristi Parson
Cristine Payne Justine Turl
Victoria Boateng Jodie Pritchard
Caitlin Brzezinski Morgan Stedman
Kimberly Campbell Cynthia Rivera
Jaclyn Scheffer Marlee Harendorf-Gold
Cyndie Zickmund Kayla Witkowski
Sarah Slaunwhite Tvisha Josyula