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Since 2004, The Sankofa Center has empowered people to change lives and foster healthy behaviors to prevent, detect, and treat HIV/AIDS. We do this through utilizing traditional African dance & drama fused with health information to educate people of all ages in Ghana. We are committed to providing free counseling, rapid HIV/AIDS testing and connecting people with HIV/AIDS to local medical resources. We value equipping the next generation with tools to wipe out HIV/AIDS with a compassionate and open-minded ethos.


 /San-ko’-fa:// an ancient proverb evoking people to return to their past to correct mistakes. Traditionally, this is symbolized by a bird looking back on its past carrying the egg of its birth. Therefore, The Sankofa Center uses the communication tool of Africa’s past, dance dramas, to capture and foster health, compassion, and open-mindedness in the face of HIV today.

We are an international network of public health workers, doctors, artists, volunteers, interns, and supporters from all walks of life coming together to provide solutions for communities impacted by HIV/AIDS. We strive to use a local community response to provide a platform that not only helps people truly understand HIV and increases access to information and services; but also empowers people to take immediate action. Our people believe in the evolution of interconnected issues surrounding HIV that hinder progress, such as stigma, discrimination, misinformation, power, and intolerance of all kinds.

Founded in 2004,  The Sankofa Center is a San Francisco Bay Area non-profit using ” the arts” to educate & prevent HIV/AIDS while providing free testing & referral services both locally & in Africa.

In California, we are an informational resource linking community members to partners providing HIV services.

In Ghana, West Africa, we maintain a touring HIV prevention program that uses African dance-dramas that help people understand common scenarios that facilitate HIV infection, provide free on the spot rapid testing, and link marginalized community members in rural villages to care.

In the U.S.:
In the U.S., we act as a community resource working with hundreds of HIV prevention & care partners throughout all counties of the S.F. Bay area to provide a link for thousands of at risk community members to access information, referrals, services and care.

In Ghana:
Our health based dance-dramas fuse African dance, drama and heath information to educate. Our performances held in schools and villages throughout Ghana are performed by our network of local Ghanaian cultural troupes and international interns. Our outreach includes free counseling with rapid HIV testing in villages with referrals to partnering Government of Ghana hospitals. To date we have educated over 35,000 school youths, 50,000 community members and have provided over 4,000 at-risk community members with free HIV testing, counseling, and links to care.

We maintain a vibrant volunteer/intern placement program for those interested in gaining skills while being part of our impact both in California and in Ghana, West Africa.

Our organization is supported through sponsors, members, volunteers & interns; and fundraising through a gift merchandise line made by and supporting Sankofa’s Cooperative effort in Ghana, West Africa.

To join our Volunteer/Intern programs in Ghana or California, click here.

To shop our line with all proceeds benefiting free HIV services in Africa, click here.

As an undergraduate student over a decade ago, I saw a performance at my alma mater , UC Berkeley, called “Kasum Africa”. It was a story detailing the history of colonization in West Africa through a vibrant African dance-drama. As a performer and social science scholar, I was captivated and intrigued by the use of performance as an entertaining way to educate, inform, and shape perceptions.

After the performance, I met the artistic director who recruited me to study traditional African dance at the University of Ghana and to participate in an internship he oversaw at the Ghana National Theatre.

I traveled to Ghana as a researcher to chronicle and learn traditional African dance and realized that it was not solely about movement; it was a communication tool. It was a way that rural communities could express concerns about issues or events and suggest solutions. I was interested in sexual health and after countless conversations with students and locals, it was evident that topics surrounding HIV were not talked about. Moreover, sex and sexuality were taboo conversations yet unprotected sex was very common. I started thinking if Ghanaian college students-the most educated people in society- were not communicating about HIV and the dangers of unprotected sex, then what about the bulk of society that was largely uneducated?

My research sparked a creative dialogue between my colleagues which gave rise to our performances. Ghanaian associates from the Sociology, African Studies, Public Health, & Dance departments got together and we created a dance-drama that depicted a common scenario in Ghana that explained how HIV is and is not transmitted; and the role stigma and discrimination play out in everyday situations. The performance was a great success and sparked important conversations about HIV so we continued the outreach program in several other villages in our locale. In each community, we visited people, learned new information about the disease, dispelled myths and misconceptions. Therefore, in 2002 we incorporated a local N.G.O., “The Sankofa Center”, as a structured way to continue our grassroots health performances. Subsequently, in 2004 I launched an official U.S. 501(c)(3) organization in California to continue our impact and build capacity to sustain our sister N.G.O’s HIV education programs in many other villages in Ghana.

I wanted to enhance our academic preparation for our outreach so I obtained my Master’s Degree from UCLA’s African Studies Program in 2006. The collective knowledge of scholars, artists, and activists within the international HIV/AIDS community at UCLA taught me to foster communication on interconnected issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. Topics such as poverty, stigma, discrimination, gender roles, lack of access to education and medical resources as well as cultural factors can’t be ignored in our outreach communities.

In 2007, Sankofa Center was trained by the National AIDS Control Programme, a unit of the Government of Ghana, to conduct pre/post counseling and rapid HIV/AIDS testing during our mobile HIV outreach. This was in conjunction with the initiation of our rapid HIV/AIDS antibody testing protocol created by Sankofa’s Medical Director. Armed with an advanced degree in public health, alternative health education methods, in-depth knowledge of interconnected issues in Africa; and an official testing and counseling unit, we launched ongoing cohorts of volunteer programs to continue our services in Ghana. We now maintain an HIV education movement that provides a comprehensive mobile HIV service encompassing education, counseling, testing, and resources for 10,000 community members yearly.


Fostering Critical Thinking

We strive to help our audience to think critically about complex social and cultural factors surrounding HIV/AIDS. This is important to create a well-rounded, fair, open-minded, and compassionate approach to HIV prevention and care.

Client-Centered Approach

People have a wide range of values, beliefs, lifestyles, and behaviors. Therefore, we believe in an HIV prevention approach that fits individual needs based on each individual’s reality, desires, and goals.

Reducing Stigma & Discrimination

We are committed to ongoing anti-stigma and anti-discrimination programming to help people foster empathy and understanding of differences, reduce hate and mistreatment based on fear and misinformation, and promote compassion.


We are committed to promoting an emotional platform that includes forgiveness, empathy, understanding, and kindness. We are against hatred of any kind.


Regardless of ethnic group, race, gender, religion or lack thereof, sexuality, lifestyle or world view we are committed to fostering healthy communities who face issues surrounding HIV/AIDS with understanding and compassion without blame.

Poverty Reduction Reducing poverty is crucial to reducing HIV infections in the communities we serve. Our Fair Trade Co-op provides women with sustainable and livable income through the making of Sankofa’s product line.

Ronnie Shaw, M.A. African Studies-Executive Director

Ronnie Shaw received his Master’s Degree from UCLA’s African Studies Area Program in 2006 with an emphasis in Public Health, HIV epidemiology in Africa, and arts-based HIV education methods. Since 2004, Shaw has staged the organization’s dance-dramas throughout Ghana educating communities on HIV transmissions, stigma and discrimination, prevention methods and resources. In 2007, Shaw was trained by the National AIDS Control Programme, a unit of The Government of Ghana, to conduct and train personnel for counseling and rapid HIV testing in conjunction with the mobile HIV testing protocol initiated by Sankofa’s Medical Director. Ronnie divides his time between Ghana and California where he oversees outreach programs, fundraising, and cohorts of interns and volunteers. Ronnie Shaw, Founder and Executive Director of The Sankofa Center received his Master’s Degree from UCLA’s African Studies Area Program in 2006 with an emphasis in Public Health, HIV epidemiology in Africa, and arts-based HIV education methods. Since 2004, Shaw has staged the organization’s dance-dramas throughout Ghana educating communities on HIV transmissions, stigma and discrimination, prevention methods and resources. In 2007, Shaw was trained by the National AIDS Control Programme, a unit of The Government of Ghana, to conduct and train personnel for counseling and rapid HIV testing in conjunction with the mobile HIV testing protocol initiated by Sankofa’s Medical Director. Ronnie divides his time between Ghana and California where he oversees outreach programs, fundraising, and cohorts of interns and volunteers.

James Larrick, M.D./PhD-Medical Director

Dr. James Larrick MD, PhD is a biomedical entrepreneur with an international reputation in biotechnology (cytokines, therapeutic antibodies, molecular biology, pharmaceutical drug development), having written or co-authored eight books, over 250 papers/chapters and thirty patents in his twenty-five year career. He has served on the editorial board of six journals and has co-founded more than a dozen biomedical companies. Larrick’s work on therapeutic antibodies and other protein therapeutics has spanned the whole range of bio-pharmaceutical product development from target discovery and process science to clinical trials. Dr. Larrick has organized and led a number of biomedical expeditions, including studies of nutrition, malaria, genetics, and adaptation among native peoples of Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Nepal, India, Tibet and China. In 2007, Dr. Larrick visited Ghana to structure the rapid HIV/AIDS testing procedure for The Sankofa Center. As a tremendous contributor to The Sankofa Center’s efforts, he has a genuine interest in fostering entrepreneurial activities and promoting health care among those less fortunate.

John Wages, B.S. in Biochemistry-Grant Writer

John M. Wages, Jr. grew up in Northeast Mississippi and earned a B.S. in Biochemistry from Mississippi State University in 1983 and a Master’s degree in Biology from Johns Hopkins University in 1988.John Wages has worked for 16 years in Biotechnology in the field of Clinical Molecular Diagnostics (DNA-based testing) in Maryland, Northern California, and Oregon. In 2001, John and his wife Gwendolyn Miles Wages (originally from Starkville) returned to Mississippi where he taught in the Natural Sciences Division of Itawamba Community College and consulted in the fields of clinical molecular diagnostics. In 2004, he was elected to the Lee County Election Commission. He and his wife taught workshops for Heifer International and worked to establish the state’s chapter of the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. In 2006, he was an invited speaker on DNA forensic testing at the Mississippi Public Defenders’ Annual Workshop. Since 2004, he has served as Associate Editor (Senior Editor, since 2012) of the Permaculture Activist, a quarterly magazine of solutions based ecological design. In 2011, he returned to Northern California as VP of Technology Development for Panorama Research, a Life Sciences incubator in Silicon Valley. At Panorama, John Wages has been instrumental in establishing several new projects that have been spun out as separate companies in the fields of polymer science, cell separations, and advanced biofuels.

Patricia Defechereux-Board Member
Patricia Defechereux grew up in Belgium and earned her PhD in Virology at the Liège University. She also pursued her Post Doctoral Fellow at the J. David Gladstone Institutes in California, where she currently holds a Senior Research Associate position. Dr. Defechereux specialises in HIV/AIDS research. She co-wrote many key studies about HIV/AIDS treatments, such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), that led to their approval with the FDA.

Jhana Jordan-Retail Fundraising Specialist

With 41 years of experience working with a wide variety of buyers from independent retailers to major buyers with extensive properties, Jhana Jordan provides essential marketing consultancy for The Sankofa Center’s artisanal product line. Jordan’s history with art publishers and major museums around the nation, as well as international buyers, makes her participation paramount in the success of marketing one of Sankofa’s most important initiatives: the Fair Trade product line made by women in outreach communities in Ghana funding the organization’s free HIV services.

Clemence Mouelle-French Intern Coordinator/Public Relations

Clemence Mouelle is our French Intern Coordinator linking various students to our internship opportunities. Formally, Clemence was a PR intern for Sankofa selected from the international business school in Paris, Ecole Suprieure de Gestion et Commerce International. . Mouelle’s internship developed her PR experience through the creation of Sankofa’s press releases, blogs, and networking with key sectors based on the organization’s initiatives. Currently, she’s the primary point person for ongoing French student intern introduction to The Sankofa Center.

Current Headquarter Volunteers/ Interns -updated 2013-2015 (-A complete list is in the Volunteer/Intern  section.)

Genevieve Dubreuil-Program Manager Genevieve joined our team as our California hub’s Program Manager after a recent Silicon Valley transplant from Canada. Genny holds accreditation from the esteemed Montreal business university Hautes Études Commerciales as well as a college degree in Humanities. Genny is the point person for general administration, coordinating business development, fundraising and intern project placement.

Biba Shrestha-Interim Operations Manager

Biba Shrestha holds an M.A. in Sociology from University of Central Missouri and has worked with an N.G.O. in her native Nepal focusing on at-risk street children. Shrestha assists with planning and strategic growth. Her internship enhances her understanding and implementation of capacity building in the non-profit sector. Biba plans to continue her education in post-graduate sociology research.

Kristine Andarmani-Marketing & Recruitment

Kristine Andarmani joins Sankofa’s California team as a Marketing & Recruitment Intern. Kristine enhances her experience in HR as she recruits interns & volunteers for local and international placement, product promotion, fundraising, and enlistment of corporate and individual sponsors for the organization.

Noriko Loveridge-Graphic Designer

Noriko Loveridge is an experienced Bay Area Graphic Designer interning with The Sankofa Center to hone her craft through the creation of industry standard print, web, and media graphics for the organization

Laura Kwon Anderson-Web Developer

Laura Kwon Anderson has 10 years of experience as a professional Graphic Designer. Laura is interning to research and implement the most current web developing technologies and programs in the rebuilding of Sankofa’s mobile and web presence.

Prafulla Kota-Web Programmer

Praffula Kota has experienced in Object Oriented Programming, Analysis and Design, Database Management and Software Development Life Cycle. Prioritized and resolved issues with website, templates and plug-ins.

Daniel Huynh-Marketing Coordinator

Daniel is a current student at San Jose State University (SJSU) and hopes to bridge the local community in the global effort to empower people with change and foster healthy behaviors in regards to HIV/AIDS.

Tingshen Yan-Web Developer

Tingshen Yan nicknamed “Sunny” created retail partner map and HIV/AIDS Resources map in the Bay area.Use of Google Maps API, JSON, JavaScript, HTML,PHP. Also customized the CSS stylesheet of the webpages, and optimized photos through Photoshop.

Nicholas Nguyenquang-Marketing

Nicholas is an experienced Marketing Specialist working at a leading Bay Area Internet search provider. Nick creates innovative marketing projects for The Sankofa Center using crowd-funding web technologies.

Liela Rombaoa-Sales Associate

Liela Rombaoa is the “Friends of The Sankofa Center” Sales Associate

Chanette Mogensen-Danish Intern Volunteer Coordinator

Chanette Mogensen recently moved to California from Denmark . In 2014 she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from University College Nordjylland. Also she holds an AP Degree in Marketing Management.

Komal Ranpura-Web Programmer Komal is an experienced developer working on template customization for WordPress and Zen-Cart using PHP & CSS , building e-commerce website store using online e-commerce engine, Zen-Cart and added and maintaining  Google Analytic for WordPress and Zen-Cart.

The Sankofa Center (Ghana N.G.O. Team)

Ronnie Shaw-Artistic Director/Program Director

In line with the many hats worn by Sankofa’s Director, Ronnie is also the lead choreographer of the HIV dance-dramas performed by the outreach team in Ghana. Trained in traditional African dance at the University of Ghana’s Dance Department and the National Theatre of Ghana, Ronnie’s dance background provides a fusion of traditional African dance and storytelling that weave the organization’s HIV dance-drama vignettes.

Aaron Kwabena Sackey Williams-Program General Manager

Aaron Williams has been an integral member of The Sankofa Center since 2010. Williams is The Sankofa Center (Ghana) Program General Manager in charge of all program logistics and outreach coordination. Williams is the focal person to conduct crew and intern education modules on policies, outreach protocols, HIV counseling and rapid testing  procedures. Skilled in several local languages and American Standard English, Aaron is essential in acclimating foreign interns and volunteers to local culture and custom with ease.

Samson Hansen Sackey-HIV/AIDS Statistician/HIV Program Manager

Samson Sackey is Sankofa’s Resident Statistician. Samson holds a B.A. degree equivalent from the University of Ghana-Cape Coast in Mathematics. Mr. Sackey creates statistics based on our HIV/AIDS outreach using his background in statistical methodology, data analysis, probability distribution and research methods

HIV/AIDS Testing & Counseling Team

Richard Amewugah, Aaron Quarshie, Gladys Ello, and Beatrice Aryeetey have been trained by The Sankofa Center to conduct HIV/AIDS pre/post counseling, as well as first and secondary rapid HIV anti-body testing during village outreach. These members also receive ongoing training on counseling issues, refer clients to partnering government hospitals for care, and compile reports for submission to the National AIDS Control Programme for monitoring.

Dance-Drama Team

The Sankofa Center recruits and trains local African dance groups to perform the organization’s dance-dramas in villages throughout Ghana. Currently, Sankofa contracts Keno Cultural Troupe. This vibrant, youthful grass-roots team plays an essential role in using ‘the arts’ to disseminate HIV/AIDS information! The troupe also teaches interns and volunteers traditional Ghanaian dance and drumming lessons as part of the Sankofa experience!