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Friends of The Sankofa Center is a project launched to mobilize high school & college students into action in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Students are supported by the organization to create scholastic clubs that reflect Sankofa’s values and mission & recruits volunteer student membership serving two functions:

1.Raising awareness of The Sankofa Center’s mission while educating one’s academic community on a variety of HIV/AIDS related topics through artistic expression incorporating information, videos, and resources posted on our website.

2.Hosting a Fundraising event each semester to raise funds for Sankofa’s programs.

Benefits of Being “A Friend of The Sankofa Center”-

  • Excellent demonstration of your leadership
  • Development of interpersonal skills
  • Enhancement of academic competitiveness
  • Increased engagement with other students
  • Being an agent of change impacting your local & international community


Fundraising for The Sankofa Center:

“Friends of The Sankofa Center” can utilize the organization’s style line to host a fundraiser each semester. The line is made by our Cooperative family in Ghana with proceeds continuing our HIV outreach and support services while providing fair trade jobs for people in the communities we serve in Ghana. We simply mail our clubs a consignment of popular items,  information pamphlets on The Sankofa Center & HIV facts. You invite your campus community to the semester fundraising bazaar and afterwards we send our clubs a return label for us to pick up the remaining gift merchandise.

For More Information on being involved with Friends of The Sankofa Center , please email: ambassadors@thesankofacenter.org