Black Light Run in San Jose

WGlow powder on our skin and shirte participated in a national event in San Jose! Black Light Run is a non-timed race of 5 kilometers (3 miles) during the beginning of the night. Along the course, people throw UV Glow in the dark powder on the racing runners at different points. Fortunately, a white shirt is provided and all products are 100% natural and non-toxic! Even if it wasn’t a timed race, we tried to run with a regular rate, but we were running slower sometimes to have colored power thrown at us ha ha. The goal is not to run quickly, just have fun, so many people walked. 5 kilometers doesn’t seem that long but the last parts were difficult and we were still tired after this race!

The most attractive parts of this event are the before and after parties! In fact, there was very good music performed by a DJ and a host of parties that set the mood. Before the race, it’s good to be in a nice mood for this event. The place was next to nature not fare from mountains of South of Silicon Valley. It was very beautiful to see UV colored powder thrown at the same time over people during the parties, and even more during the night with lights and LED Jelly Rings! It was very funny to have so many different colors on us like all the other people around us, and to dance in this situation!


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