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$780 out of a $7800 goal achieved 10% of 100 %

“Help Build Our “Fair Trade & Health Empowerment Zone”- The Sankofa Center Villa

 “Ever visit a beautiful sea-side resort and wished it fostered a deeper, more meaningful connection of the human experience? Help build such as space in Ghana!”

Be a part of the making of our sea-side villa that will create, heal, educate, and inspire a new generation in Ghana as well visitors from around the globe.  Our “Fair Trade & Health Empowerment Zone” known as The Sankofa Center Villa will be a creative sea-side resort showcasing our cultural fusion: passionate African dance, drama, & musical shows infused with health promotions that educate thousands from surrounding communities.  In line with our mission, reproductive health services, condom distribution, rapid testing and continuous health & well-being promotion will be our mainstay .This eclectic space will house the workshop & production of our Fair Trade fashion line benefiting our HIV services while providing sustainable income for our Co-op and up to 200 local residents. This “Empowerment Zone” will be the beach-side residence for our cohorts of international interns, volunteers, tourists, and guests while in Ghana. Therefore, whether for one night or an extended stay our visitors will be immersed in our creative impact to give back & connect. The Sankofa Center Villa will be poised to be an empowering multi-media community space for locals, tourists, artists, scholars & change makers to mix, create, and be inspired by a myriad of artistic & educational programming & showcases.


  • Since 2004, we’ve educated over 50,000 people about HIV in Ghana on village tours to various communities, on average reaching 10,000 people yearly. We have provided over 5,000 community members with free rapid HIV testing & link to services. Our “Empowerment Zone” will receive on low estimates an additional 35,000 visitors per year.
  • This means the number of people educated, tested, & our impact will increase 3 X
  • The Villa allows for a sustainable continuation of the organization’s outreach in Ghana through increased cohorts of volunteers, interns, local & international engagement.
  • Educational & cultural activities will empower the local community and The Zone will foster a lasting legacy of learning and enrichment through a myriad of programming & activities available to visitors, both local & international.
  • Activities of the Villa will generate funds that will finance extended public health field education outreach to many more communities in Ghana
  • Economic vitality will impact surrounding communities, providing direct employment to up to 200 women with fair-trade sustainable jobs
  • A new model for an international beach community that will host thousands of local & international visitors to educate & connect through artistic expression, film screenings, book readings, and creative symposiums.


  • Granite bolder-rock Sea Defense completed on entire stretch of seaside site.
  • First layer of the 14,000 sq ft. foundation construction completed on the entire Villa property
  • Foundation of building raised 4 ft above ground, for a combined site elevation of 11 ft above sea level, protecting the site from future storm surges
  • Lobby of the building constructed on compound as a welcoming symbol
  1. Hundreds of granite boulders put on entire beachside of site for sea defense completed.
  2. Excavation of site & first layers of the 14,000 sq ft. foundation construction completed on entire Villa site.
  3. Foundation of building raised 4 ft above ground, for a combined site elevation of 11 ft above sea level, protecting the future building from storm surges.
  4. Lobby of the building constructed on compound as a welcoming symbol
  5. Next: Filling the building foundation with sand.
  6. Laying the floor of the entire building
  7. Lay Bricks for 1st Floor of building
  8. Ceiling of the 1st Floor of Building
  9. Lay Bricks of 2nd Floor
  10. Roofing
  11. Electrical, Plumbing, Fixtures, Interior
  12. Opening of “The Sankofa Center Villa- A Fair Trade & Health Empowerment Zone”, welcoming of international & local visitors

Next Fundraising Step:  #5 of 12 ( Filing The Foundation with Sand)

  • Filing the raised hollow concrete building foundation with sand in preparation to caste the cement floor of the entire Villa building
  • This requires 26 trips using a commercial dump truck to carry saline-free sand from the hills to the beach to fill the interior of the raised building foundation.
  • Beach sand can not be used because it contains lots of sea salt which would erode the cement building foundation.
  • Each truck trip costs $300
  • Current Fundraising Goal towards the Villa building foundation: $ 7,800
  • After this will be the laying of the concrete ground floor of the entire Empowerment Zone where people will walk on the floor you helped fund!

Fundraised 10% towards goal of $7,800

Your donation may be tax deductible. Please provide your email address so we can send you a letter for your tax purposes. “All those donating $300 or more towards the construction of our “Fair Trade & Health Empowerment Zone” will have their name etched in stone on our Wall of Empowerment located on seaside”.