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  • Hand-sewn pieces of African fabric makes the mosaic exterior of this functional basket-shaped bag. The interior is lined with multilpe layers of hundreds of drinking water sachets from Africa that have been cleaned and sewn into a water-resistant lining that can be wiped down to clean easily. This lite-weight yet structured basket bag is perfect for farmer's markets, weekend trips,on the go needs, or as household decor. 14"X29"
  • Exude your global hobo style with patch throw pillow covers that can dress a 18" to 20" pillow. The cover is meticulously hand-patched together with select pieces of African cotton fabrics to give any room an exotic feel. Each cover is a one-of-a-kind mosaic piece of art. These lined pillow covers pair nicely with more subtle home decor. A set of these makes a great house warming gift! People love the one-of-a-kind versatile global look and the fact that proceeds support charity in Africa. 18"X18"