African Wax Print Fabric

/African Wax Print Fabric
  • This vivid pattern expresses the sense of community we should appreciate as we share each sunrise. There is an unmistakable sense of hope with each new day that we are fortunate enough to witness. Whether we face challenges great or small- today there is hope. Four (4) yards of Fabric
  • This print expresses the royal heart which is synonymous with understanding and forgiveness. Four (4) yards of Fabric
  • This earthtone fabric acknowledges that we all come from one source. We need to put aside differences and reflect upon what bonds us together, a key element of stigma and discrimination reduction. Four (4) yards of Fabric.
  • In the forest of Kakum, in the Western Region of Ghana, lay trees that have been used for medicinal purposes for generations. This fabric evokes the historic connection between the health of our rain forest and our own well-being. Flora provide present and future sources and secrets of healing. Four (4) Yards of Fabric.
  • "Fi Na Kasa" literally means to accept what comes from one's mouth. It evokes healthy communication in all relationships. Floral patterns are mosaics of lips waiting to communicate. Four (4) Yards of Fabric.